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D&D 4th Edition (Eberron): Days of Mourning
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Author:  Autumn [ Tue Jun 22, 2010 11:50 pm ]
Post subject:  D&D 4th Edition (Eberron): Days of Mourning

Five years ago, on one dark day, in a matter of moments, a whole nation was wiped away, replaced by a fog-shrouded land of death and danger. The great House Cannith, makers of wondrous magical devices, creators of the warforged, was shattered into three factions and further fragments. The people of Cyre were scattered, their homes picked over by daring looters. Out of the Day of Mourning came peace, after a long war...but the price of that peace was high, and the gray Mournlands, which were once Cyre, are a constant reminder of the horrors that gave even the mightiest kings pause.

Perhaps you seek treasure. Perhaps you seek monsters to slay. Perhaps you are chasing fleeing fugitives. Perhaps you seek answers. Whatever your reasons, you are drawn to the Mournlands, despite their many perils. You will not be the first to enter this fell land...and you can only hope to be among the few to leave it.

D&D 4th Edition, not a lot of experience necessary, 6th level characters. This is a continuation of a previous campaign; we could use another player or two, I think, and this is a good opportunity to start introducing new adventurers. This is starting again this Sunday, the 27th, at 1 pm in the Davis Square area, but I can work players into the next couple of sessions, really, and in some ways that might be more convenient. We have a guest player at the table for the next few sessions, temporarily giving us five, and I'd rather not run for more than six, which might mean putting off the introduction of one character if I have a couple interested players.

Characters should be discussed with me, obviously, but I'm pretty flexible, and would especially encourage concepts specific to the Eberron setting.

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